Allergy nose spray kids

Peters Krizman has developed a medical device that has a preventive as well as a therapeutic effect. Lucovital® Anti-Allergy nose spray Kids combines liposomes with the proven effects of natural salts. This nose spray lends itself to the daily treatment of allergic rhinitis. It may be used several times per day. With small nozzle, suitable for little children (from the age of 3 years). Allergy nose spray Kids contains a salt solution, which reduces the swelling of the nasal mucosa, thins the mucus and relieves the congestion, allowing you to breathe freely again. The active ingredient provides a protective layer on the nasal mucous membrane, which serves as a barries against pollen, house mites and other allergens.

  • Effective in conjunction with preventive and therapeutic treatment
  • Offers protection against hay fever, pollen, house dust, mites, and animal dander
  • May be used for longer periods
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and itching
  • Reduces nose blockage and calms the sore nose

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