Dry Mouth spray

Lucovital® Dry Mouth Spray has been especially developed for the treatment of dry mouth (xerostomia). Lucovital® Dry Mouth Spray is a mild spray that keeps the mouth moist and places a protective layer on the mucous membrane of the mouth when there is a lack of saliva. In addition, it will stimulate saliva production. Using Lucovital® Dry Mouth Spray will also reduce bad breath and taste. Continuous humidification of the mouth with Dry Mouth Spray will reduce the probability of tooth decay and other tooth complaints.

  • Stops mouth dryness and painful swallowing caused by taking medication
  • To treat dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia)
  • Alleviates symptoms when suffering of dry mouth complaints
  • Protects mouth tissue against small irritations and a burning feeling
  • Gives a fresh feeling in your mouth and reduces bad breath or taste
  • Reduce the feeling of having a dry mouth and makes speaking and swallowing easier
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