Obesimed Bloc

Lucovital® Obesimed® Fat Blocker is a medical device that helps treatment of obesity and overweight in adults (18+). It is intended to support a weight reduction diet. Obesimed® Fat Blocker has a high lipid binding capacity and helps to neutralize calories from high fat content foods. The natural substance Omtec50® forms a gel-like substance in the stomach; this substance mixes with the food. In this process, fats and cholesterol are removed from the food and bound in a non-soluble form. These bound fats do not enter into the metabolic cycle, but are excreted undigested. Obesimed® Fat Blocker reduces calorie intake and fat absorption from food and reduces the cholesterol absorption from food.

  • Blocks lipid absorption from food and thus reduces calorie uptake
  • For the treatment and prevention of excess weight and obesity
  • Reduces cholesterol absorption from food

Also available: Obesimed® Forte, for overweight of 10 kilos or more.

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