Sun Allergy Treatment

Lucovital® Sun allergy cream treats sun allergies and blisters. The cream supports the skin’s immune system and reduces the symptoms of an allergic skin rash and irritation. The Aloe Vera ingredient cools down the skin and, therefore, itchiness and irritation are reduced. Sun allergy symptoms include sun blisters, redness, itching, fluid retention and bumps.

  • Treats sun allergy and sun blisters. Promotes a healing effect on the skin
  • To treat sun allergy and photosensibility
  • To prevent the photodermatoses in patients prone to develop diseases such as polymorphous light eruption (PLE), solar urticaria, lupus erythematosus, actinic prurigo and hydroa vacciniforme
  • To prevent the chemical photosensitization
  • To provide effecient protection agains UV-induced skin damage
  • To promote a healing effect on skin that has been damaged by sun exposure

Also available: Heat Rash / Sun Allergy Prevention Spray

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